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For the latest Patch updates on this profession check out our guides!Herbalism is one of WoW's gathering professions - its only purpose is to collect materials (mostly Herbs, some elemental reagents) required by other professions (Alchemy and Inscription). Herbs can be found in every zone of Azeroth and Outland, with the zone's level usually corresponding to certain herbs. If you pick this profession you will find that some herbs require very specific geological or climate conditions, and this knowledge will help you gather them faster (for example, Earthroot grows on hills/mountains and Liferoot is always found near river- and lake-water).

Profession Perk

Herbalists get a relatively weak perk - like all practitioners of gathering professions. They learn Lifeblood - simple instant healing spell with a temporary haste rating buff that grows in strength every 75 skill points. An additional cosmetic perk herbalists get is the Lifegiving Seed which they have a chance to loot off every Cataclysm herb. The Seed can temporarily transform the herbalist into a random herb in an attempt to avoid notice from enemy players.

In Mists of Pandaria, players have a chance to loot Spirits from herbs which give them special buffs: Life Spirit, Water Spirit.

Herbalist's Spade is sold by Trade Supply vendors. It increases your herbalism by +10 and does not need to be equipped.


Comment by evgen4

What is the connection between books and herbalism?
(code was 2c16j)

Comment by RayEmery

(001) —— Peacebloom
(001) —— Silverleaf
(015) —— Earthroot
(050) —— Mageroyal

————— `·.¸ Swiftthistle
(070) —— Briarthorn
————— `·.¸ Swiftthistle
(085) —— Stranglekelp
(085) —— Bruiseweed (Formerly 100)

(105) —— Grave Moss (Formerly 120)
(115) —— Wild Steelbloom
(125) —— Kingsblood
(150) —— Liferoot
(150) —— Fadeleaf (Formerly 160)
(150) —— Goldthorn (Formerly 170)
(160) —— Khadgar's Whisker (Formerly 185)
(195) —— Dragon's Teeth (Formerly Wintersbite)
(205) —— Firebloom
(210) —— Purple Lotus
————— `·.¸ Wildvine
(220) —— Arthas' Tears
(230) —— Sungrass
(235) —— Blindweed
(245) —— Ghost Mushroom
(250) —— Gromsblood
(260) —— Golden Sansam
(270) —— Dreamfoil
(270) —— Icecap (Formerly 290)
(280) —— Mountain Silversage
(285) —— Sorrowmoss (Formerly Plaguebloom)
(300) —— Black LotusThe Burning Crusade
(300) —— Felweed
————— `·.¸ Fel Lotus
(315) —— Dreaming Glory
————— `·.¸ Fel Lotus
(325) —— Ragveil
————— `·.¸ Fel Lotus
(325) —— Terocone
————— `·.¸ Fel Lotus
(335) —— Flame Cap
————— `·.¸ Fel Lotus
(340) —— Ancient Lichen
————— `·.¸ Fel Lotus
(350) —— Netherbloom
————— `·.¸ Fel Lotus
(350) —— Netherdust Bush
————— `·.¸ Fel Lotus
(365) —— Nightmare Vine
————— `·.¸ Fel Lotus
(375) —— Mana Thistle
————— `·.¸ Fel LotusWrath Of The Lich King
(350) —— Goldclover
————— `·.¸ Deadnettle
————— `·.¸ Frost Lotus
(360) —— Firethorn
————— `·.¸ Frost Lotus
(375) —— Tiger Lily
————— `·.¸ Deadnettle
————— `·.¸ Frost Lotus
(385) —— Talandra's Rose
————— `·.¸ Deadnettle
————— `·.¸ Frost Lotus
(400) —— Frozen Herb
————— `·.¸ Goldclover
————— `·.¸ Tiger Lily
————— `·.¸ Talandra's Rose
(400) —— Adder's Tongue
————— `·.¸ Frost Lotus
(425) —— Lichbloom
————— `·.¸ Frost Lotus
(435) —— Icethorn
————— `·.¸ Frost Lotus
(450) —— Frost Lotus
————— `·.¸ DeadnettleCataclysm
(425) —— Cinderbloom
(425) —— Stormvine
(425) —— Azshara's Veil
(475) —— Heartblossom
(500) —— Whiptail
(525) —— Twilight Jasmine
Mists of Pandaria
(500) —— Green Tea Leaf
(525) —— Rain Poppy
(545) —— Silkweed
(550) —— Golden Lotus
(575) —— Sha-Touched Herb
——— `·.¸ Desecrated Herb
——— `·.¸ Green Tea Leaf
——— `·.¸ Snow Lily
——— `·.¸ Fool's Cap
——— `·.¸ Golden Lotus
(575) —— Snow Lily
(600) —— Fool's Cap

Comment by Sas148

I am a Scribe and I have never got a recipe to make those books. The only recipes I know of is the zone drop one in Grizzly Hills and the 3 that you can buy in Dalaran.

Comment by altap

A few obvious uses for herbalism...
1. Make some cash
2. Pair with Alchemy for easy mats
3. Use it to get Inscription (and easy mats)

But for classes that don't have a self-heal ability... Lifeblood can save your butt! Especially when you're (solo) leveling, gear grinding, or farming another prof

Comment by Cierona

Quick and easy levelling guide for getting herbalism from 0 to 450 as a level 80 (or any level with cold weather flying and a hearth-stone set for Dalaran).

  • 0-75 Mulgore then head into the Barrens to get Mageroyal and Briarthorn, or Dun Morogh into Loch Modan for Alliance.
  • HS + train
  • 75-125 Silverpine (finish up on the Stranglekelp up the coast)
  • HS + train
  • 125-200 Wetlands
  • HS + train
  • 200-270 Hinterlands
  • HS and port to Shattrath, then fly over to Thrallmar or Honor Hold to train. You should be able to get the 5 points needed to train from Golden Sansam and Dreamfoil on the way.
  • 275-350 Helfire Peninsula
  • HS + train
  • 350+ Northrend, working your way northward from either of the starting areas.

Why these areas? Firstly they have a wide enough range of plants that you don't need to travel for training until you need to find another area anyway. Secondly, they have a lot less obstacles than the alternatives (compare Wetlands to Ashenvale for the same level herbs. I don't know about you but I hate trying to find my way round cliffs and trees to get to a herb only yards away on my minimap).

Comment by sidelsky18

Things To Know About Herablism (& Northrend)

  • You can make some pretty good gold farming herbs, even with a non-epic flyer (see below).
  • In Wintergrasp (arguably the best place to farm herbs in Northrend), you'll see 4 types of nodes; Frost Lotus (Very Rare), Lichbloom (Uncommon), Icethorn (Uncommon), Frozen Herb (Common)
  • Frost Lotus nodes only spawn in Wintergrasp, but are still rare, I usually find about one Frost Lotus node per hour of farming. Most contain one lotus but you'll find the occasional one with 2 (unstacked) lotuses.
  • Lichbloom and Icethorn nodes contain their respective herbs and on occasion 2-3 crystallized life (see below.)
  • Frozen Herb nodes contain 2-3 Goldclover, Tiger Lily, or Talandra's Rose and like the above sometimes contain 2-3 crystallized life.
  • Rarely, nodes will contain a Frost Lotus. This is how you will get most of your Frost Lotus.

Here is an example of my farming using the Routes and Gathermate mods.

Server Time: 5:55pm - 6:15pm
Total Duration: 20 minutes
Area: Wintergrasp
Total Nodes: 31 (1.55 nodes per minute)

Total Herbs:

1 Frost Lotus (0 Nodes)
10 Crystallized Life (0 Nodes)
26 Lichbloom (10 Nodes / 2.60 Herbs Per Node)
16 Icethorn (6 Nodes / 2.67 Herbs Per Node)
21 Goldclover (9 Nodes / 2.33 Herbs Per Node)
14 Tiger Lily (5 Nodes / 2.8 Herbs Per Node)
3 Taladra's Rose (1 Nodes / 3 Herbs Per Node)

Gold Made:

1 Frost Lotus @ 20g each = 20g total
10 Crystallized Life @ 2g 34c each = 20g 34s total
26 Lichbloom @ 2g 82s each = 73g 32s total
16 Icethorn @ 1g 17s 83c each = 18g 85s 28c total
21 Goldclover @ 1g 20s each = 25g 20s total
14 Tiger Lily @ 37s 50c each = 5g 25s total
3 Taladra's Rose @ 1g 33s 16c each = 3g 99s 48c total

Total Gold Made: 166g 95s 76c
Gold Per Hour: 500g 87s 28c
Gold Per Minute: 8g 34s 79c


Comment by timhasjoined

The Swamp of Sorrows is a great place to level your skill.

Comment by Maiah

As of patch 4.0.1., picking up herbs grants a small amount of experience.

Comment by badley

Use this.

Comment by AmaHC

The Swamp of Sorrows is a great place to level your skill.

More specifically, it's a great place to level once you hit 235 skill in Herbalism and you're at least in your 40's, because Blindweed is beyond abundant there (and so are the level ~40 mobs). You can easily get from 235 to close enough to 300 to make the switch over to Hellfire Peninsula and get the remaining few points you need to hit 300 on the abundant Dreamfoil, Golden Sansam and Mountain Silversage there, or hit Un'goro Crater for those same three herbs if you're still in your low 50's.

Swamp of Sorrows was a crucial zone for me for leveling an 80 from 0-450 in both Herbalism and Alchemy in a single day.

As of 4.0.3a, The Swamp of Sorrows no longer has Blindweed, as the level of the zone has been increased from ~40 previously to 55 now. The zone is now abundant with Sorrowmoss (what used to be Plaguebloom) and Golden Sansam. A quick stint along the northern part of the zone (about 15minutes) and I flew out with 2 full stacks of each.

The amount of Sorrowmoss and Golden Sansam is well beyond what used to be in the zone for Blindweed.

Comment by lawjpbo

It should also be noted that Lifebloom is now a haste buff instead of an emergency heal.

Comment by Azgamergirl

The xp that herbing gives is based on 2 things, the level of the herb in relation to your herbalism level, and YOUR level.

I'm not sure of the exact formula but if you are 79 with herbalism skill of only 1, you wont be getting 2000xp for picking a Silverleaf, If you are level 1 and you pick an herbalism level 70 you wont be getting 300 xp picking a briarthorn.

And rested xp works exactly the same way killing a mob would when it comes to picking flowers.

Comment by Liri

this worked well for me,
Mulgore, to Northern barrens, to western plaguelands to eastern plague lands, to swamp of sarrows, and on to normal outlands leveling.

dont forget your gloves, and your enchant to make it easier.

Comment by Kierkegaard

-Tirisfal Glades
-Silverpine Forest
-Western Plaguelands
-Swamp of Sorrows

Worked well for me. Stuff i found:
- Tirsifal Glades: starting herbs like Peacebloom, Silverleaf
-Silverpine: Mageroyal, i did it until i had enough skill along with the enchants and as a Tauren to pick up Kingsblood (125),
if i remember correctly i even went to the shore in hinterlands and picked up some Stranglekelp
-WPL: Kingsblood, Khadgar's Whisker, Fadeleaf
-Badlands: Firebloom, Sungrass, Dragons Teeth in the Scar of the Worldbreaker, and Golden Sansam
-Swamp of Sorrows: Golden Sansam and the "new" Sorrowmoss

Comment by Liri

herbalism 375 vs Dreamfoil in the badlands on a level 67, 164 exp. When i equip my +10 herbalism gloves it drops to 132 exp. So if you have the time make sure not to enhance your skill unless its needed of you will and lose out on exp.

And to my surprise sarrowmoss is still green and giving skillups

Comment by Aralious

Swamp of Sorrows is a great place to lvl your herbalism up and gather sorrow moss and golden sansom. In as little as an hour I had a netherweave bag full and then some of both of the herbs. Great for materials for Alchemy or Inscription.

Comment by rekstad95

Herbalism is defintly the easiest proffesion to level. I've gone form 0 to 525 in 2-4days, and made loads of money(even on the low-level herbs).
I started easy with farming some herbs in Durotar, and that was the hardest part. The rest went easy.

Here's a guide i used at the end..... Mentioned over btw. OH! and i didnt go to mh, but to Vashj'ir instead, in the Abyssal Depths zone instead(due to a massiv number of farmers in MH). Did go to felwood instead of Swamp of Sorrows too btw.


And since im alchemist, i traveled to Uldum and Twilight Highlands too.

---> Thuxis, 85 Shadow/Holy Priest Outland <---

Edit : Not good at grammar btw....

Comment by RoboNoob

Vashj'ir is a very nice place to farm herbs for Herbalism if you know where to go. I have constructed a route for this, which can be seen here. This route is heavily populated with Stormvine and Azshara's Veil.

Comment by Merylyan

What's great with Herbalism that grants experience is you can now theorically go from 1 to 85 by solely picking herbs. It will be long, but it can be done.

So... be a pacifist! Pick flowers, don't make war! :D

Comment by kermit2k

I got 3 great places for gathering herbs:
Swamp of Sorrows
Eastern Plaguelands
Sholazar Basin (mainly around the river)
those places have so many herbs around you can make a job out of it, it can take you several minutes to gather them all and by then, start all over :D

Comment by Aenonar

The xp seems to be identical for both herbalism and mining, have them both on one of my chars now.

mining level ~100, herbalism level ~15. So it doesn't have anything to do with the actual herbalism / mining level as copper ores were gray and I still received the same amount of xp. What I guess matter is the herb / ores level in relation to your characters...

peacebloom / silverleaf / copper ore

lvl 5 - 45xp
lvl 6 - 55xp
lvl 7 - 65xp

lvl 80 - 4500xp

I know it's very little info right now, but I hope someone can figure out some relation... I'm actually considering leveling through outlands and northrend picking herbs and ores on my druid... Kinda tired of the same quests over and over... At a very rough estimate you'd need around 100 nodes per level, with both herbalism and mining as well as flying / epic flying you can go through that number very quick.

Comment by rosco762

I would wait untill a higer lev to start this so you can easily get them. This is a pretty time consuming, money making prof. Honestly I would use this one on a healer. Like a Holy Priest. Mainly because of the ablility you get from it. Boosting your healing is very helpful.
Check other proffessions on my suggestions on who should have which.

Comment by Tripster

Urg, I hate the new lifeblood. It used to be amazing on my rogue because it's practically the only thing that allowed me to heal w/o breaking stealth, though the sprouting flowers are kind of a giveaway. It's a great boost during fights and more than once saved me from dying because of a DoT.

Comment by Acilandre

What NPCs that can be gathered correspond with what level of Herbalism? I am trying to level my Inscription and I cant find this information anywhere. It would be useful information for anyone leveling any skill tied closely to Herbalism.

Comment by krash780

so i recently tried to herb while useing the sandstone drake made by alchemist and was shocked when i was dismounted... should it not be the same as druids while they are in their bird form? yet another advantage for druids :(

Comment by bob72

Just want to update from last night's gather that Icecap in winterspring is bugged but a great place to level your herbs.

It's strange as it's listed as 270 level whereas Mountain Silversage is 280 I think they reduced the level but not the rest of the stats..... which makes it a great gather.

Last night on my 63 shaman I was getting 1100 XP per Mountain Silversageand 1980 XP per gather on Icecap also Icecap went green for me long before I stopped getting XP and skill points for herbalism.

Even on a 63 shaman I did nearly 1/2 a level in 45 mins gathering here top spot for herb levelling...

Comment by Zethrael

I am Level 73 with a herbalism skill of 425/425. I went to the uber herbalism trainer in Valiance Keep, and she will not let me train to Ilustrious Grand Master. Is this because my Level 73 is too low to be granted Illustrious Grand Master?
I have not picked herbs in the higher levels of Northrend , and, naturally, have not been to the Cata zones. I would appreciate any and all explanations. I am getting frustrated picking herbs but not advancing,

Comment by cody174

I leveled my herbalism from 125 to 225 just with the Kingsblood and Liferoot in Stranglethorn Vale. The Kingsblood can be found all over Northern Stranglethorn and the Cape of Stranglethorn, and the Liferoot can be found at the edge of the water along the river that runs through both zones.

Comment by ElfenAeria

This list kicks ass:


You got all herbs sorted by what level you may pick them, and all herbs also got several direct links to the areas where they may be found. It's the cleanest and simplest tool I've ever come across while leveling herbalism. And it's right on wowhead!

Comment by LrdKane

Lifegiving Seed is also a regenerater. Similiar to percentage foods like the Winterveil cookies and candies. It does both Mana and HP. VERY quick regen.

Comment by andypoop20

I've got to say Lifeblood is amazing! I'm just leveling herbalism so I can get haste rating for my rogue in Arena's

Comment by squidbob

i dont expect this to be read but i thought id publish it any.
ive played wow for 5 years from this date and what follows are the best prices ive seen across anachronos to grimbatol in herbs and there respective potions/elixirs for a herbalist/elixer maker:
currently in cata in grimbatol:
if your lookingt to make gold from selling your stock forget it.. unless you collect the follwing:
:-from the date of this post you can sell twilght jasmine and azsharas veil for approx 50g a stack(friday to sunday)
best flasks to sell include intellect and strength. price on those items varies little.

anachronos prices are much the same.

Comment by Lorri

Herbalist's Gloves + Enchant Gloves - Gatherer or Enchant Gloves - Advanced Herbalism and you'll get +10 to herbalism (except clothers)

Comment by kebokaj

There are two addons I would highly recommend to any herbalist, in training or max level...

Gatherer and the Wowhead gatherer database.

These will add the locations of herbs on your maps for you, based on where wowhead users have found them.
With these, you can shorten the time it takes to harvest herbs from each zone, by knowing where to go.

Saves lots of time if you're trying to speed level a profession, or get lots of a herb for something.

Comment by Bubonic

I'm not sure about the best place to post this information, but with the new patch (4.3), my small map kept disappearing each time I looted an herb. I fixed this by going to Interface -> Controls and checking "Open Loot Window at Mouse", which fixed the problem. I'm not sure how, but I hope this helps anyone else who is getting frustrated.

Comment by avatarofshadow

herbalism is still the best profession to take at level 1, no matter what plans you have for your character later. Lifeblood's healing effect may not be what it once was, but it will save you from having to eat at all, and will allow you to level faster because of this.

Also, the flower effect is fun, and Herbalism's tracking ability is the only one that allows you to sometimes track your quest objectives. The old Dwarven "Treasure Sense" used to do this with some quests, but that's gone the way of the dinosaurs.

Comment by 2000kid

why do you have to be a certain level to pick a certain flower?

Comment by gremlinoutcast

I'm a little annoyed... just a tad. I tried to get as much +Herbalism as I could and found a way to get +20 Spade, Gloves, Enchant ... unfortunately it seems to be capped at only +10. Sad panda :(

Comment by Smeller

From now on it's great having a Gnomish Army Knife on any Gathering Profession because of the +10 Bonus.

Comment by Eccentrica

Earthroot no longer requires skill level 15 to pick, it can be gathered at skill level one.

Although Herbalism can be taken at level 1, you will not have access to the map skill Find Herbs until you ding level 3. Herbs will also not 'shimmer' for you until level 3, so you will have to keep your eyes peeled for them till then.

Comment by NatyNat

Gatta' love GatherMate2. <3

Comment by sylancer

compare to other Profession Perks:


Blacksmithing: Socket Bracer & Socket Gloves (

Jewelcrafting: Jeweler's Facet*2 (





Comment by PsychoticKnight

Just to let you all know when a herb turns yellow, green, or grey and you have a item that gives +10 herbalism (or mining/skinning) it really turns that color in 10 more points. For some reason when you have those items equipped it shows the herb as 10 herbalism points off, however you still have those 10 points before the change. So some grey herbs are still green and you can get another 10 points before you get nothing.

Comment by traumatic

If you use the addon, Gatherer, you should find a friend or guildie who has that addon and has been using it for gathering/mining/treasure hunting for awhile and ask them to let you download their database. I let people have mine all the time and it contains about 14,000 entries for herbs and ore. Farming is something I've never minded doing and I never, ever (Well, a couple of times.) get herbs or ore from the AH. Some end up wanting to give me gold for it after I've let them have it. :)

Comment by nblphil

Don't know if it's been said yet, but if you have a friend(or yourself if you have multiple accounts) fly you around on the 2 person rocket(might work on one of the other 2 person flyers), you can pick up herbs from the backseat!
Very handy in MoP when leveling herbalism on a toon that can't fly.

Haven't tried with mining yet..(edit: does NOT work with mining)

Comment by Bighappykitty

Just a word of warning on the new changes to Herbalism in 5.3. You can now level it exclusively in Pandaria.

HOWEVER, there is no system in place to level inscription or alchemy the same way. So, do not make the same mistake I did, blissfully ignoring collecting herbs as you level a toon. I had to go back and grind my way through all the old content to get mats for alchemy; one full day has me just now starting the WotLK herbs.

tldr version: If you're planning on leveling alchemy or inscription on the same toon DO NOT skip collecting herbs as you level a toon.

Comment by supernova12213

Is it a must to get herbalist's spade lvl 4 from vendors?

Comment by butterflykaa

I've reached 450 skill in herbalism, I have the Cata upgrade but now when I visit a HT, the training window is empty.... How come"?

Comment by ujvi

Babylon dem thief my herb dem thief my herb!

Comment by wobyt

For all those Horde players who are only skilling herbalism. Skill 1 herbs have changed.
Briarthorn, Bruiseweed, Mageroyal and Swiftthistle are all skill 1.
Now you can head straight to Hillsbrad Foothills and begin cultivation.
The best area is along the south-western shores of Lake Lordaeron, doing a route from Sludge Fields to Strahnbrad ... nice and easy for a level 60 with a flying licence.

Comment by mark211175

I don't believe someone here has mentioned before, but it seems that powerleveling with a lev90 toon is way easier to skip the Deadwing area. In the old situation i always went to mount hyjal and after that too uldum, where i get stuck. I needed deepholm aswell to get myself to 490+ 10 for herbing the pandarian flowers.

But i recently found out, it is way easier to stay in Icecrown/stormpeaks to pick up Icethorns and Lichbloom. Maybe it was my luck, but even when these flowers turn green, i could gain my skill level for a fully 100 procent, untill i reach about skill level 485.

The last 5 skillpoint were a bit harder, but then again no one is staying at these area too herb lichbloom and icethorns anymore. So all the flowers were mine and there are a lot in these area. Incoming advantage are selling these at AH. As no one sells these flowers, but gamers still need them for Inscription/alchemy, prices are outrageous.

Just a penny for my thoughts about herb leveling,

Comment by rexe824

Hi i'm just curious, this is the herbalism profession tab page right? Where are all of the herbs at? Shouldn't they all be listed here on this webpage?